Our Town

Keene is a small town in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. It is almost 80% protected wilderness.
There are three hamlets including Keene, Keene Valley and St. Hubert's where there are dense collections
of homes and businesses. The rest of the town is a spidery collection of roads that go up the
mountain sides in the north-south and east-west axes primarily. There are about 73 miles of roads
in total, and 80 miles of utility cables. The town has approximately 1000 year around residents, with the
population increasing by a large percentage in the summer months.

Our Plant

Kvvi's outside network consists of an HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax) plant. A state of the art fiber optic network
is the heart of our system. Kvvi has spent the last several years constructing a fiber optic network that
reaches 95% of all homes in Keene, Keene Valley and St. Hubert's. Our last mile deployments of the
fiber system enable us to reach into locations that were virtually impossible a short time ago.
This passive system is stable, robust and very reliable, with 99% up times.

Our Business

KVVI offers high speed Internet and TV service in all three hamlets. More than 80% of full-time
households subscribe to our Internet service. We reach every home in town with a student
in the local Award winning school . Seasonal homes are offered a 6 month on/off package.

Call KVVI at 518-576-4510 or email us at info@kvvi.net  to find out if your home is in a location we can serve.
Look here for our current service offerings. KVVI can also be reached via email at info@kvvi.net.



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Keene Valley Video, Inc.
Box 47, 1948 NYS Route 73
Keene Valley, NY 12943

Phone: 518.576.4510
E-mail: info@kvvi.net