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  • The landscape of  TV is changing rapidly. With faster deployments of broadband services becoming more available, streaming capability of video content has risen greatly. With programming fees out of control, kvvi is of the opinion that we need to focus our resources on delivering faster Internet speeds to our subscribers to handle future demands. Programming fees for conventional TV services have risen dramatically over the past few years and have reached a critical point. We will continue to offer conventional TV as long as financially feasible, however we do not control the cost increases of programming. Visit to learn more about the rising cost of television, especially retransmission of off-air broadcasters. These broadcasts are free to anyone who can get the signal with an antenna, yet they charge us to retransmit their signal to you! The increase in retransmission fees they are asking for in some instances is 300 to 600%.

  • Kvvi is a fully DOCSIS 3.0 compliant system. This protocol enables bonding of channels that will enable much faster throughput capability for Internet services. This was a major accomplishment that will provide growth far into the future.

  • Kvvi recently instituted an online bill and pay system. Our customers now have the convenience of viewing and paying their accounts online. Please call the office at 518-576-4510 or email for further information.